I host a youtube channel, where I interview small, local businesses in The Valley. Brands like Teaspressa, Tremaine Ranch and more have invited me into their space and allowed me to film their process and what makes their business special. See the videos below and check out my youtube channel for more. 


tremaine ranch - veature 10

I met Leah and Matt while shooting Finding Arizona Podcast for their 50th podcast Veature. After meeting them, I reached out and as you can probably imagine after watching this video, they welcomed me with a warm embrace. I am grateful for the time I got to spend at the Ranch! 



Teaspressa - veature 9

Teaspressa is a gem in downtown Scottsdale and Allison DeVane is one of the sweetest, most generous people i've meet. She owns both Tea and Toast in downtown Phoenix and Teaspressa. Take Allison's advice and treat yourself. Slow down your week and sit down at either one of her beautifully curated spots and enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee) and pair it with the most beautiful pastry in Arizona. 
P.S. I've had most of the drinks on the menu and while I LOVE everything I especially loved the Ruze Latte, made macchiato style. 


finding arizona podcast - Veature 8

Jose and Britt at Finding Arizona Podcast are such a pleasure to work with. I contacted Jose because I felt we had the same values, different mediums- his radio, mine video, so naturally I thought they would mesh well! 


for the people - Veature 7

I interviewed Shawn, who is part of the duo responsible for the beautiful store, For The People, here in Phoenix. They are located in central Phoenix and the products they carry are gorgeous, and worth a browse. 


rise performance and fitness - veature 6

I've been friends with Kyle for years now. Kyle and my husband, David went to college together, played soccer together and lived together in Texas. Kyle moved to Phoenix within the past few years and followed his dreams, by owning and running a gym. There is a lot to Kyle's story, but ultimately it comes down to hard work and dedication and  he is killing it. I'm so proud of Kyle, Rise and all the amazing work he is doing. 



helton brewery - Veature 5

Helton kindly allowed me to spend some quality time at their brewery. They had the most accommodating, gracious, generous staff. I highly recommend a nice afternoon with friends at the tap room, as there is something for everyone. If you ask me, I love the beer tasting flight ($1.50 per beer) and the cheesemonger's choice boards. 



Veature 4

Mother Bunch is a Brew Pub in the heart of downtown Phoenix. 
They are celebrating their 2 year anniversary on September 15th this year and there is going to be a huge October Fest like party at their place. A huge thank you to Julie for allowing me to make this video and spend some time at Mother Bunch! 


sarah horne - Veature 3

Sarah is a badass girlboss telling the truth about owning your own business and what it takes to be successful. Sarah was my wedding photographer a few years ago, and we have stayed in touch since. I am so thrilled to have her be a part of my 'veatures' project. Thank you Sarah for believing in me and in this project.


dig it urban gardens and nursery - veature 2

Dig it is home to 2 parrots, numerous baby turtles, an abundance of butterflies and critters and a very kind staff. I interviewed the owners Tim and Ryan and they showed me their passion and energy towards gardening and community in Phoenix.  


Arizona craft company - Veature 1

 had the pleasure of filming Samantha Sellner of Arizona Craft Company for the first episode ever of a series I am going to call Work it out, where I feature local businesses doing what they do best!